Unsere Referenzen sprechen für sich. Ob Firmen oder Hochschule, unser Konzept aus Erfahrung funktioniert. 

Extrem zufrieden

During this week, my learning curve was exceptional. In a short time, I was able to communicate easily in German, I had expended my range of vocabulary words and learnt very important German grammar key points. During the entire week, Annette was able to recognize and fulfill my needs, adapting the course day after day according to my progress. Annette knew how to motivate me by making exercises more and more challenging. The learning atmosphere was very good and relaxed. 

The materials provided during the course was personal and adapted to my needs. Examples were taken from the day to day life (work or private life) facilitating the comprehension of new concepts and assimilation of new vocabulary.

I was extremely satisfied with the course, and I will recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn and start speaking German in a short time. I  was extremely satisfied with the course, and I will recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn and start speaking German in a short time.

Höchst empfehlenswert

The training content was well adapted to my needs which was mainly to understand and to speak. The approach of the sentence structure and the way it is organized in German language was particularly efficient.

 Indeed the use of many examples that are closely linked to my language needs in the office helped me to have ready to use sentences while the structure meant something to me. I strongly recommend this approach for such a training.

It is fair to say that the first day was quite intensive and I reached the limit of what I could efficiently absorb. However, this was the right rythm for me.

This training course was really what I needed to step in the German language. All attempts before in form of 1,5 hours every week (when possible!) were useless. Many thanks for this first step. 


Offen, flexibel, motivierend

I have been guest professor at Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen, during the autumn of 2007. Annette Steinlein’s pedagogic technique has been open and flexible. She quickly accommodated the level of difficulty to my (initially poor) command of German and has gradually raised the level of difficulty. Her technique includes the important point of encouraging self-confidence in speaking freely.

Endlich verständlich

" I can now go back to work and understand work documents that were a mystery to me. I will be able to read these and make sense of them! Before this course regulations and work applications written in German were nothing but a lump of words, but now it's making much more sense." 

Tolles Konzept




"I like the concept of language & culture and the supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere, also outside the classroom!"

Erfolgreich und produktiv - fantastisch!

"I was very stressed and afraid of this first experience of learning German in Germany. My first contact was with Annette, and there I already felt that I was going to have a perfect week. I could almost understand everything. I would like to thank everybody for this fantastic, productive and successful experience and I would like to summarize it by saying: I will be back! 

Endlich spreche ich!

....after all I can speak German. My main objective was to lose fear I had to have a conversation in German and you made it happen!" 

Angepasste Inhalte

During my weeks German training with Orientierung Deutschland in Überlingen I had the pleasure of working with two very experienced and capable teachers.  I particularly enjoyed working with Annette Steinlein as she tailored my tuition perfectly and kept me interested.  She gave me the feeling I was progressing fast in a short space of time and, more importantly, this was also the opinion of my collegues on my return to work.  The content and practice we did were important to ensure I actually understood what I was doing and Annette often knew when this was the case even when I didn’t.